Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is a sewer smell in my house or bathroom?
    It could be several things, most commonly the seal on your toilet needs to be replaced, which needs to be done by a licensed plumber.
  2. My drain is clogged, should I use drain cleaner?
    Absolutely not! They are bad for septic systems they are made with extremely toxic chemicals and can cause serious damage to your pipes. A licensed plumber can use a electric snake to permanently illuminate the problem without the use of harsh chemicals.
  3. Why does it take so long for my shower water to heat up?
    It depends on your water heating system and the distance from the source. A re-circulating line installed by a licensed plumber can usually correct this problem and give instant hot water.
  4. How do I know if I need a new hot water heater?
    If your hot water heater is leaking or more than 7 years old it is likely that you need a new hot water heater. Hot water heaters are not usually repairable. You can call our office for a quote over the phone and we can usually install a new hot water heater within 24 hours. Please see Hot Water Heaters for more information.
  5. Can you fix low water pressure?
    Absolutely! It depends on many things such as the source of the water in your home, city water or well water, faucets, valves, etc. Contact Advanced Plumbing and our trained professionals can help you trouble shoot this problem.
  6. Why are my pipes are making a banging sound when I turn the water on?
    There can be many reasons for this, including storage tank servicing, pipe braces in the walls and faulty fixtures or faucets. Contact Advanced Plumbing and our team of professionals can help trouble shoot your issue.
  7. Why do I hear water running?
    Most frequently is toilet running. This can mean you need parts replaced in the tank of your toilet. Dripping faucets can also cause this. You will probably need servicing or replacement. Contact Advanced Plumbing today for an appointment to address these issues.