Go Green

Advanced Plumbing of Connecticut - WaterThe typical family of four household flushes their toilet between 10-20 times a day. Changing out an outdated toilet from a larger capacity flusher to a 1.6. gallon flusher can save you on average of 12,ooo-24,000 gallons of water a year! This will save not only in incredible amount of water but electricity and extend the life of your septic.
Advanced Plumbing of Connecticut - Tankless Water HeaterTankless Hot Water Heaters are the most efficient and environmentally friendly because they do not use energy until there is a call for hot water. Other traditional HWH’s maintain a temperature throughout the day regardless if hot water is being used. Installing a gas Tankless Hot Water Heater it is a cleaner burning fuel than oil omitting less toxins into your household environment.
Advanced Plumbing of Connecticut - Insulating hot water plumbingInsulating hot water plumbing supply pipes to fixtures appliances and heating equiptment is an inexpensive way to conserve energy by reducing heat loss in from the piping. Similar to insulating windows and doors in your home.
Advanced Plumbing of Connecticut - Water Drips A dripping faucet can cost you 170 to 520 (and more) gallons of water a year, electricity consumption and serious abuse to your well pump. Fixing a leaking faucet is usually a quick service call and can save you so much.
Advanced Plumbing of Connecticut - Insulating hot water plumbingWater usage adds up fast when showering. A typical four-minute shower with an older shower head uses about 20 gallons of water while a new shower head will use half as much hot water. Installing a low-flow shower head will save you up to about $145 a year on your electric bills because the amount of hot water is significantly reduced, according to Energy Star.


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